Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boundless Strides

I'm no stranger to trying to make a difference one baby step at a time, even if that difference is only trying stop people from crapping up the world even worse than it already is.

And so I know that it can be a less than thankless job.

That's why, when I heard about a video that showed some guy methodically extricating a large section of the recently mentioned Rainbow's End playground from the prickly grip of a colossal fallen tree - by hand and singlehanded - well, I knew I wanted to showcase his laudable achievement for anyone who might stumble upon it.

About the videomaker:

After nearly seven months of laying eyes on that monstrous wreck each time I visited the park, I realized that I nor anyone else had to see it as bad as it was. I did what I could to clean up the general area of the mess to best of my ability. The tree body was much too heavy to move and way too girthy to cut through.
Again, I will include a link where you can learn more about the donation efforts to restore ruined parts of the park down below. 

The lesson here is timeless, and well taken.

The impossible is achievable, the overwhelming attainable, the daunting doable, if broken down into achievable, attainable, doable steps.  And step by step, or, to quote our playground hero, "limb by limb, a difference comes about."

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